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Imagination is the source of technology
and brings about new age.

Technology for chasing a dream and trying the possibility is an indispensable energy that moves the society.
Small, newborn technology may become a big power in years and create a new age. Technology develops the age and keep on creating the customs.
Such a strong will and dream to the future support KODERA's activities.
Starting from the wire processing technique, which is indispensable to the mechanical units, auto field, IT field and electrical goods, and neon illumination and novel golf driving range........
One processed small cable moves a big plant. New illumination technique gives a different look to a town. Trough the golf, we present interesting and funny enjoyment and emotion.
KODERA's technology brings people and society together and creates a new age.

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Announcement of the end of the maintenance parts supply

CASTING Pioneer of the wire processing machine

  • C377G
  • C300A
  • C370A
  • C371A
  • C371AF
  • C381A
  • C373A
  • C373AF
  • C376A
  • C385A
  • C372A


  • C551SSA
  • C551HXG
  • C550SZTS
  • C556SZTS