CASTING Pioneer of the wire processing machine

◆Ultrahigh speed processing.
We've actualized to process 10,500 pieces an hour (C370A).
◆Anyone can operate it.
With just one touch, you can switch over 6 languages such as Japanese,
English, Chinese (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese), Korean etc.).
◆Multifunction in one machine.
Standard machine can also perform Double Sheath-strip,
Divide-strip and Short mode in addition to Cut, Strip and Half-Strip.
◆Easy operation.
You can operate intuitively in the interactive mode on 5.7 inch LCD touch panel.
◆High expandability.
Communication with outside PC is possible.

  • C376A
  • C300A
  • C370A
  • C371A
  • C371AF
  • C381A
  • C373A
  • C373AF
  • C385A
  • C377A
  • C378
  • C372A