High reliable standard machine from global users,

Super Precise Crimp Force Monitor Installed as Standard.
This state of the art crimp force monitor detects any wire error.
Super-Fast! Enhanced production efficiency!
Production Thru-put is 30% greater than the C451A.
Super-Compact Design! Space-Savings!
It is 35% smaller than the C451A.
Super-Wide View!
Terminal reel is stored under the body. This simplifies terminal reel exchanges.
Process History Data Storage.
By storing the monitor data, quality control is simplified.
Full Scale Color LCD Touch Panel.
10.4inch ( 221.2mm × 58.4mm ) The LCD is an easy-to-understand interactive screen.
[C55Xe Series]

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  • C551S
  • C550SZ
  • C555S
  • C556SZ
  • C558S
  • C511
  • C515/C518
  • C531
  • C551XHA
  • C550HX